Managing Broker in Washington

What are the Education Requirements to Become a Managing Broker in Washington?

In order to qualify to take the state exam, students must complete 90 hours of approved education in the following categories:

  • 30 hours of brokerage management
  • 30 hours of business management
  • 30 hours of advanced real estate law

FAQ About Managing Broker

How long do I have to take the exam after completing the education?

You must pass the Washington state exam within 3 years of completing the first course of your required 90 clock hours.

What’s on the Washington state managing broker exam?

The state managing broker exam is split into two parts. Part of the exam is meant to test your understanding of Washington state law, the second is designed to test your knowledge of national real estate concepts.

Best way to meet your education requirements

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Continuing Education
What is the test format?

Exams in Washington are in a multiple choice format. The Washinton state section of the exam is 44 questions and you are given 1.5 hours to complete the test. The national section of the exam is longer and consists of 90 questions which need to be completed in 2.5 hours. Some of the questions presented are scenario based and require the candidated to select the best possible option. The scenario based questions are weighted due to the quality of the choice. For example, the worst option(s) would receive 0 points, while 1 point would represent a better answer, and 2 points would represent a best answer.

How long do I have to finish the exam to become a managing broker?

The exam is 4 hours (2.5 hours for the national exam, and 1.5 hours for the state exam) and they will let you know how you did as soon as you finish.

Can I retake the exam if I fail?

Yes, and you can retake it as many times as you want. Granted, retaking the exam many times would be expensive and time consuming, but, there isn't currently a limit on the number of times you can take it.

What if I fail one part of the exam (state or national)?

If you pass one portion of the exam, you do not need to take that portion of the exam again. For example, if you pass the national part of the exam and fail the state portion, you can retake just the state portion. If you fail part of the exam, you must pass the other portion within 6 months. Your exam fees will be the same regardless if you are taking part of the exam or the entire exam.

Can I use my education for my license renewal?

No, broker's are considered renewed when they submit all the fees and documentation required to the DOL. This can be done online through the DOL's online portal, or by mailing the paperwork and check. If mailed, the date it's postmarked is considered the renewal date. We don't recommend you cut it close enough to worry, but it's important to know the exact date in case of late renewal.

Do I need to send proof of course completion to the state?

No, but print out your certificates and maintain the records. The state randomly audits the records of brokers to verify compliance.

Does keep my certificates in case I lose them?

Absolutely. We will keep track of all of your education completed with us and you're welcome to log in and print your certificates or call our office if you ever lose your copies.

Is my education considered a write off?

Most often, yes. Check with a tax professional regarding your specific situation to verify.

What do I do if I took more hours than I needed?

If you happen to have extra unused clock hours, you can use up to fifteen continuing education hours for your next renewal. The Washington DOL rules are that the hours must have been completed within 48 months (4 years) of the renewal they are being used for. Keep in mind, course hours cannot be split up, so, a student can't use extra hours from a course which was already claimed for credit, even partial.

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