Complete Renewal with Core and Fair Housing (6 Hr)

Your choice of 21 elective hours including required 3-hour Core and 6-hour Fair Housing courses

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Package Description

Our most popular package gives you total flexibility and gets you certified for all your required continuing education. This package includes the 3 clock hour Core Curriculum (required for every renewal) as well as the new 6 hour Fair Housing course (required to be completed by June 2023 for all brokers and managing brokers) and a host of elective courses to choose from. If you're renewing your license, this is the package for you.

In the new Core course you'll learn about the latest law changes affecting real estate as well as laws that are being considered by our Legislature in Washington. It's essential to get up to date on the changes to our industry and a required class for all brokers renewing their license. We have video segments throughout the Core class to highlight each of the sections important concepts.

Besides the Core and Fair Housing we have over 10 courses to choose from to fill out your elective credit hours. You can opt to take all the hours in one course, such as Law or Business Management, or you can choose to put together a package of shorter courses covering a variety of topics. The short courses cover everything from Listings, Property Management, or Contracts, to Negotiation and Agency Law.

Whatever you choose, we're confident you'll find our courses easy to use and a breeze to get your certification. Any difficulty, you have a support team and instructors ready to assist you.

Included Courses

Washington Real Estate Fair Housing (6 Hr) (6 hrs) and (CORE) Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate 2024-2025 (3 hrs) and your choice of:

  • Real Estate Principles: A Condensed Journey (21 hrs)
  • The Real Estate Finance Roadmap: Navigating Loans, Markets, and More (6 hrs)
  • Contracts and Risk Management (6 hrs)
  • Understanding the Mortgage Market (4 hrs)
  • Common Mistakes (4 hrs)
  • Risk Management in Real Estate: Safeguarding Your Business (4 hrs)
  • Washington Real Estate Law (30 hrs)
  • Appraisal and Valuation (6 hrs)
  • Listings and Valuation (7 hrs)
  • Property Manager Fair Housing Guide (5 hrs)

Course Preview

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